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North Miami Beach Criminal Defense Attorneys: Areas of Practice

When it comes time to retain a lawyer if a criminal charge is placed against you, then it’s very important that you quickly take the necessary steps to protect your future.  There will be those at the same time working to damage your future.  Even though you are innocent until proven guilty, the fact is that you are still facing the charge of a criminal activity. Prosecutors don’t give out courtesies.  It’s imperative that you protect yourself and retain the services of a North Miami Beach criminal defense attorney that can turn your situation into a positive one.

Obsessive law enforcement, prosecutors, and judges will have the tendency to doubt you and think you have committed the crime. You will be doubted even before you have stated your case. With a strong defense, you can be confident that you are being represented by a tough North Miami Beach criminal defense lawyer that has the information, experience and tenacity necessary to fully protect you against your charges. Learn the types of criminal defenses you can retain:


You can appeal your case by filing in a higher court of law if you have actually been convicted of a criminal activity. Some attorneys don’t take on appeal cases, whereas, they can be drawn out over time & legally complex. However, with Frank Schwartz, P.A., that many people are falsely fingered of crimes. You need a lawyer in your corner to assist you.

Assault & Battery Charges

Assault charges refers to a threat of violence against another individual. Battery is the actual carrying out the threat violence. Assault and battery is also known by another criminal activity name such as robbery or mugging.

Domestic Violence Charges

Charges that consist of verbal, sexual, emotional or physical abuse towards a member of an individual’s household is called domestic violence.  Domestic violence can also be extended to members of the family that are not living under the same roof, as well as to people who are dating. People can be falsely accused of domestic violence, therefore, it’s imperative that you consult with a legal attorney who has the experience on these matters.

Drug Crimes

There are various categories of criminal activity when it comes to drug crimes.  Criminal activity can come from distribution, the intent of distribution, possession, manufacturing, trafficking, cultivation or dealing.  These examples of drug crimes don’t just relate to illegal drugs, but also, they refer to the abuse of prescription drugs. Due to the crime rate involving drugs in the state of Florida, prosecutors and law enforcement seek to be extremely harsh when it comes to handling drug violations.

DUI – Driving Under the Influence

The probability of a car accident is boosted when individuals choose to drive drunk.  In the state of Florida, if you are driving with a blood alcohol content that is above 0.08%, then you are driving illegally, and risk not only of going to jail, but causing life threatening injuries to yourself and others on the road.  If a police officer suspects you for driving drunk and happens to pull you over, you can be subjected to a breath analyzer as well as field sobriety test.

These types of crimes and more are just some of the ones that come across the desk of a North Miami Beach criminal defense attorney. You can get the legal help you need by contacting Frank Schwartz, P.A. at (305) 707-7770.

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