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South Miami Criminal Defense Attorney

South Miami Criminal Defense Attorney

You can feel like all hope is lost when dealing with any type of criminal allegation.  The entire legal process can be extremely overwhelming to defendants, given that it is a complicated system, filled with legal jargon and terms the average person simply may not understand.  To add icing on the cake, you can feel even more threatened by an eager prosecutor whose only aim is to deliver the maximum punishment.  Now, you are at a crossroads on what to do. Whether it be accepting the penalties presented to you, or aggressively disputing the charges that has been placed on you. Or you can choose to select a South Miami criminal defense attorney to work solely on your behalf.  Reduce your concerns, alleviate your worries, and work with a qualified attorney to deliver a positive outcome on your case.

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Through the law offices of Frank Schwartz, P.A. defending your freedom and your future is more than possible! Whether you are facing criminal charges, DUI charges or fraud charges or any other criminal allegation, you have a right to highly qualified criminal defense representation. Placing your case in the hands of a legal professional specializing in criminal defense, and who has demonstrated expertise could make all the difference in the outcome of your case.

South Miami Lawyer Delivers Aggressive DUI Defense

Being apprehended and convicted of a DUI is a terrifying, as well as stressful. If you are in this situation, you may be wondering how it will affect your auto insurance, your driving record, and even worried about suspension of your driving privileges. Being arrested for a DUI, you may wonder if you will have to go to jail, and what the financial consequences will be. These questions are all valid and you should definitely be concerned. This is why it’s equally important to retain legal counsel in the event of a DUI infraction.

In the state of Florida, a DUI offense is nothing to sneeze at. Even though drunk driving charges can be contested, a quality DUI defense lawyer, such as attorney Frank Schwartz, P.A., can thoroughly investigate the case against you and fiercely dispute the charges.

Methods of challenging DUI allegations include:

  • Inspecting the tools used to administer a sobriety test
  • Questioning the arresting officers and any key witnesses
  • Questioning the validity of sobriety test results
  • Utilizing medical explanations of why you may have tested over the legal limit
  • Customized Defense Strategies for all types of allegations

Individualized Focus for Your Case

Unlike the one-size-fits-all approach to legal defense by large law firms, the law offices of Frank Schwartz, P.A. recognizes the unique nature of your case and all the distinctions involved. With a sharp knowledge of the law and thorough attention to detail, attorney Schwartz has the ability to uncover weaknesses in the prosecutor’s case against you. These weaknesses will be exploited and utilized to your advantage. This attorney’s personal attention to your case will be from start to finish.  Don’t wait a moment longer. Request a free case consultation with our South Miami criminal defense attorney Frank Schwartz, PA.

  1. Over 100 Successful Trials in Federal & State Court
  2. More Than 20 Years of Legal Experience
  3. Insight & Knowledge as a Former Prosecutor
  4. Work Directly With Attorney Frank Schwartz
  5. Will Fight For You Like You're Family
  6. Fluent in Spanish

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